10 år med sexkjøpsloven er nok

10 år med sexkjøpsloven viser at den ikke har fungert optimalt. Vi i FRI mener stemmen til de som selger sex må høres og at loven må må avskaffes.

Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen

Eksternt Media


Adrian mener at de som selger sex, er redde for å komme i kontakt med politiet, inkludert ham sjøl. Derfor har han flere ganger gått med på ting han ikke synes er greit.

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Politicians need to catch up with the public and decriminalise sex work as well as overturning the government’s savage austerity cuts, which have left many women, and single mothers in particular, with few other options to survive.

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"The biggest problem is people deciding that we are bad women or that we're victims when they haven't even met any of us," she says. The societal perspective of her work affects everything from her healthcare to her personal relationships.

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When the star of Scarlet Road, Rachel Wotton, conducted a survey for a research paper asking about 70 New South Wales-based sex workers if they’d ever seen a client with a disability, she found 90% had.