Kan ikke sexarbeidere kreve beskyttelse gjennom rettigheter?

Å hevde at sexarbeidere som ber om rettigheter står ansvarlig for myndigheters håndtering av global migrasjon og følgende politikken har for migranter, er i beste fall et uttrykk for dumskap og i verste fall et uttrykk for ondskap.

Astrid Renland

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Do you use the internet when selling sexual services?
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From brothels to independence: the neoliberalisation of (sex) work»

In the last decade, working in flats and saunas has become increasingly risky and difficult. This is in part due to increased immigration raids, neighbourhood gentrification, and the closure of many premises by police with the help of abolitionist feminists. It is also partly a consequence of the broader incorporation of informal service work into the online, freelance, customer-reviewed ‘gig’ economy.

Op-Ed: Why decriminalizing sex work is central for gender equity, public health, and racial justice»

Sex workers are important members of our communities and, most importantly, we are human. We are worthy of compassion, support, equal justice, and protection of the law. The law shouldn’t call me a criminal for exercising autonomy over my body.

Sexarbeider seiret over arbeidsgiveren»

– Vi har vunnet et veldig viktig slag for rettighetene til alle personer som selger sex i Norge, mener Lilith Staalesen.

Letter from the prostitute that didn’t want saving, 1858»

She distinguishes herself from complainers like a previous letter-writer prostitute, and from the seduced-and-abandoned sort of woman, acknowledging that both exist but not in the enormous numbers moralists were claiming.