My mother, the marriage migrant

People looked down on my mother because she used marriage to create a better life for us overseas. What’s so shameful about that?

Aphinya Jatuparisakul

Eksternt Media

Diving into sex work»

"The biggest problem is people deciding that we are bad women or that we're victims when they haven't even met any of us," she says. The societal perspective of her work affects everything from her healthcare to her personal relationships.

'We are sexual beings': why disability advocates want the NDIS to cover sexual services»

When the star of Scarlet Road, Rachel Wotton, conducted a survey for a research paper asking about 70 New South Wales-based sex workers if they’d ever seen a client with a disability, she found 90% had. 

For sex workers, mobile phone becomes a double-edged sword »

A mobile phone makes sex workers more vulnerable to harassment and abuse; however, it also helps them protect themselves better, according to recent reports. 


Growing HIV Epidemics Among Female Sex Workers and Male Clients in the Middle East and North Africa»

Although HIV spread in the population at large was historically low in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), HIV infection levels among female sex workers, a neglected, stigmatized, and highly mobile population, have been growing steadily since 2003.