Arrests and deportations of sex workers in Norway

Norwegian police use pandemic regulations to unfairly arrest, detain, heavily fine and deport foreign sex workers.


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How I became an advocate for sex workers’ rights»

I used to think that people who did sex work had found themselves in a situation where they had no choice but to do sex work, and that the job of feminists was to help sex workers find alternative sources of income.

Pornhub Upended the Porn Industry. Now New Changes Could Destroy Sex Workers’ Livelihoods»

The fact that Kristof was the byline on the piece was a red flag in itself: the columnist has a history of misrepresenting issues related to sex work and sex trafficking.

New Zealand sex worker given six-figure sum in sexual harassment case»

"It's great to see a settlement of this type has been awarded in the context of sex work to a sex worker," Dame Catherine Healy, national coordinator of the New Zealand Sex Workers Collective, told the BBC.

Criminalising buying sex will harm vulnerable women, not help them»

A better solution would be if the UK seriously addressed poverty among women – a vulnerability which the traffickers play on. By tackling that problem, there is a chance we may see less sex trafficking.