COVID-19: Guideline for sex workers

Advice about preventing COVID-19 when selling or trading sexual services


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One-third of all sex workers unable to call 911 due to fear of repercussions from cops: study»

"Almost a third of all sex workers report being “unable to call 911 in a safety emergency due to fear of police detection of their managers or coworkers,” said Crago. “This data shows sex workers are forced to choose between accessing help if they sense they are in immediate danger or protecting their coworkers or their managers from potential legal jeopardy.”

Over half of sex workers still engage in intimate work despite Covid-19 surge as wave of new women turn to prostitution»

“We tried to do what we could to get workers to move to working virtually but that is not an option for a lot of people, if they live with a partner or are concerned about their image going out.

Norway Arrests Highlight Impact of Pandemic on Sex Workers»

Norwegian police have arrested sex workers over accusations that they violated quarantine restrictions. Although not accused of any crime, the workers, from other European countries, face detention and expulsion from Norway. 

How I became an advocate for sex workers’ rights»

I used to think that people who did sex work had found themselves in a situation where they had no choice but to do sex work, and that the job of feminists was to help sex workers find alternative sources of income.