Banker nekter sexselgere kundeforhold

Mennesker som livnærer seg på sexsalg tvinges til å gjemme pengene under madrassen.

Astrid Renland


Eksternt Media

Sex Workers Want More Than Just the Right to Work»

Decriminalization, which we see in New Zealand and a few states in Australia, does essentially get criminal laws out of sex workers’ work lives when it comes to their work. Sex workers still can and do bring cases around sexual harassment, sexual violence, wage theft. Not being regarded as criminals themselves mean that they can actually use the law to protect themselves in the ways they need to.

This Is How Sex Workers Win»

All this marks a new turn in the movement for sex workers’ rights. 

Is a ban on buying sex work effective? Sex workers say 'no'»

Five years on, however, sex workers say they are in more danger than before.

One-third of all sex workers unable to call 911 due to fear of repercussions from cops: study»

"Almost a third of all sex workers report being “unable to call 911 in a safety emergency due to fear of police detection of their managers or coworkers,” said Crago. “This data shows sex workers are forced to choose between accessing help if they sense they are in immediate danger or protecting their coworkers or their managers from potential legal jeopardy.”