Sexhandel er en privatsak

- Ære være Fremskrittspartiet, skrev jeg for to år siden. Det kunne jeg spart meg. Ikke en gang de mest høylytte FrP-statsrådene har brukt sine retoriske evner til å beskytte sexarbeidere, skriver tidligere journalist i Aftenposten, Inger Anne Olsen, i en kommentar på Facebook.

Inger Anne Olsen

Eksternt Media

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Criminalising an entire industry because of isolated bad examples takes away choice from free-will participants and justifies doing so on the behaviour of abusers. Doing so is victim-blaming and paternalistic.

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Legalising this occupation would help fix many more problems. There will be no more corruption or tea money being paid to the police. The sex workers themselves can also earn benefits by being protected under the same law.

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Prostitution is having sex for money, and neither having sex nor getting paid is inherently abusive, exploitative or harmful.

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Sex Workers Alliance Ireland said people it is in contact with were experiencing more harassment, abuse, robberies and violent attacks.

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I’d like to share that just because you’re a male escort doesn’t grant you immunity from these things. I’m not a small guy and I’m in very good shape. However, that didn’t stop them both from targeting me.